Kindle 1.20 x86-x64 download free

Kindle 1.20 Kindle 1.20 x86-x64 download free


If you’re the owner of a Kindle, or just want to get an idea about what the freak ebook book reader Amazon Kindle for PC can get from the desktop.

Installation is easy and it will automatically synchronize with Kindle, and will be associated with any Kindle files you have on your computer. If you read the notes and bookmarks of your Kindle device, they have been transferred to a computer browser. The interface is simple and transparent. Start nieprzycisk necessary for the library, which can be ordered by the title,Writer, or most recent.

You can also buy ebooks on Amazon, even if it opens the browser – there is no native Kindle store in the app. Double-click the book and create it. You can use the notes and bookmarks that are already available, as well as create new bookmarks (but not notes, etc.). It is the shutter to change the number of words by line, aMożna fits the letter size. You can change the font size. Control isreguit by keyboard or mouse.

One of the disadvantages of a deskReader is that your monitor is probably not as comfortable to read as a Kindle screen. For this reason, it’s a pity that your application has a special text rendering makes it easier to view or control the contrast or clarity. You can not note not only, but it also makes it a little too good.

Amazon Kindle for PC is a functional e-book reader, but there is no other choice and offers real-time applications.


User-built dictionary for effortless browsing withoutTo interrupt the lesson definitions of English words.

Read the default column column to take advantage of the larger screen with a multi-column display that automatically adjusts based on the size of the screen.

Choose whether you want to view the library or browse list view tiles.

Kindle 1.20

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